Sunday, September 25, 2011

xtc Berlin

Late Tuesday evening, the night before the ALE conference started, I sat in the hotel bar of the venue talking to people who had arrived early. Looking around, I thought, "cool, it's like an extreme tuesday club in Berlin". Since then I've been thinking about what it would take to actually create something like this in Germany.

So what is the extreme tuesday club?
A regular London meeting (weekly) for Agile/XP/Kanban/Scrum newbies, practitioners, and experts. (*)
That's not very elaborate but I like that it casts a fairly wide net in terms of target audience.

There are already a lot of different software and agile related user groups in Berlin and I like what I've seen of them so far. But each of these only cater to a specific topic or technolgy.

I'm looking for something less formal. Have a beer, talk to people about what they're working on, share war stories, cross-pollinate new ideas, ask for help or give help, if wanted. I would hope it would be as inclusive as possible. So, newbie or expert, programmers, PM/POs, design people, start-uppers, whatever - as long as you care about what you're doing and want to talk with people about it, it should be fine.

I did a little open space session at ALE on this and there seemed some general interest and I said I would just try and get this rolling and just see what happens.

Someone suggested the Cafe 100 Wasser as a pub to go to. And that's where I'll be, this Tuesday from around 8pm onwards. I'd be happy for you to join me. If you do plan to come, please let people know on Twitter.
[we've since changed pubs around quite a bit. Twitter is probably the safest bet to find out where people are. We're now usually at the Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg]