Tuesday, May 7, 2024

DevConf 2024

 DevConf 2024

I'm doing a talk on Observability and wanted to add a few links with more information for people taking an interest.

Slides of my talk are on speakerdeck and the repo of my playground

Some useful guides

 Structured logging

A good intro to how rate queries work in Prometheus by Beorn Rabenstein (youtube)

An interesting look to the future: https://hazelweakly.me/blog/redefining-observability/

Honeycomb's sandboxes 

Grafana Docs and playground

Historical section

An old video by Coda Hale on metrics. The video and tech (dropwizard) are dated but I found it a good intro anyway

A bit more on how Netflix used to do deployments.  

Sam Newman's talk as mentioned