Monday, August 5, 2013

Journeyman weeks

Having just quit my job and not really knowing what I want to do next I've decided to take to the road. I've always enjoyed Corey Haines' programming tour (wasn't there supposed to be a book?) and recently I came across Rob Ashton's post here. This gave me the idea to just travel around for a few weeks and see what I can learn from other people and hopefully help others build cool stuff.

At the SoCraTes conference I mentioned this to a few people and was generally encouraged. During the code retreat that happened on the Sunday I also realized that I need more practice and that there is so much stuff out there that I'm clueless about and want to learn (most recently Elixir). I was also discouraged a little, as the organisational overhead seems a little daunting.

But anyway, I'm currently homeless and jobless and while I wait for the "next step" I wouldn't mind learning more and keeping my operating cost down. So here is my offer: I will work with you if you can provide a roof over my head and can somehow get me to said roof (I am currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany). I've mostly been working with Java, JavaScript and C# and would very much appreciate the chance to expand more into the functional world. I am very opinionated about writing maintainable software and even more opinionated about what software not to write at all.

I hear you say:

Daniel, that's great! How can I help?

Thanks! There's three things, really: 
  • If you would like to work with me for a week or two please contact me at or @dtemme on twitter
  • If you have any tips on being self-employed in Germany and how to arrange something like this, I would like your input
  • If you think you might know anyone that is interested in pairing with me, please spread the word

I will initially run this little experiment until the middle of September. I've created a calendar showing my availability here.