Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh, you got me there, cygwin

I wonder if there's an actual technical reason for this. Especially since the auto option cannot possibly work with those constraints. Hilarious.

$ u2d --help
u2d is part of cygutils version 1.4.4
converts the line endings of text files from
UNIX style (0x0a) to DOS style (0x0d 0x0a)

Usage: u2d [OPTION...] [input file list...]

Main options (not all may apply)
-A, --auto Output format will be the opposite of the autodetected source
-D, --u2d Output will be in DOS format
--unix2dos Output will be in DOS format
-U, --d2u Output will be in UNIX format
--dos2unix Output will be in UNIX format
--force Ignore binary file detection
--safe Do not modify binary files

Help options
-?, --help Show this help message
--usage Display brief usage message
--version Display version information
--license Display licensing information

Other arguments
[input file list...] for each file listed, convert in place.
If none specified, then use stdin/stdout

$ u2d -U
u2d: cannot accept any conversion type argument other
than --u2d (--unix2dos, -D) when the program is called with this name

$ d2u -U done.